Trevor Sainsbury

Vice President of Business Intelligence

St. Louis Franchise Limited

Trevor Sainsbury is a seasoned professional with a strong background in the restaurant industry. He embarked on his journey with St. Louis Bar & Grill in 2016, initially stepping into the role of Vice President of Operations. Through his dedication and expertise, he later transitioned to the pivotal domain of Business Intelligence, where he played an instrumental role in establishing and nurturing the department from its inception. With a commitment to enhancing decision-making processes within the organization, Trevor's focus has been on the strategic development of databases that empower all departments to base their actions on data-driven insights. His visionary approach aligns with the overarching goal of fostering a culture of fact-based decision-making across the company. Trevor Sainsbury's tenure in the restaurant industry spans numerous years, during which he has garnered invaluable experience on both the franchisee and franchisor sides of the spectrum. His seasoned expertise has been honed through his association with renowned establishments such as Tim Hortons, Wendy's, and Boston Pizza. This breadth of experience equips him with a deep understanding of the intricacies and dynamics that define the restaurant landscape. In essence, Trevor's journey within the realm of Business Intelligence has allowed him to play a pivotal role in shaping data-driven cultures to propel organizations toward greater success through informed decision-making.