Blaine LaBron

Vice President of Digital Commerce and Technology


Blaine has over 20 years of experience in marketing and technology and is a proven leader in driving digital transformation. He has a deep understanding of utilizing technology to create efficiencies, optimize customer experience, and grow revenue. Blaine has been with Pressed for four years and has held various positions in leadership. Currently, Blaine is the Vice President of Digital Commerce and Technology and is responsible for Pressed's digital transformation strategy and execution.

Blaine continues to drive innovation in the quick-service retail space through technology, including the in-store experience and its digital platforms. He believes Pressed is an omnichannel business with retail at the core, making it unique. His mission for tech at Pressed is to create solutions to eliminate friction for the customer, store team, manufacturing, and corporate, allowing Pressed to connect to more consumers easily, quickly, and in an accessible way.