Peter Wolf

VP Retail Business Development and Marketing - Americas


Peter Wolf is Glory’s Vice President, Retail Business Development & Marketing. Peter holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Computer Information Systems from Manhattan College, a Master of Business Administration from Rutgers Graduate School of Management and has deep experience across marketing, sales, business development and business management. Before joining Glory, he held executive sales and marketing leadership positions with retail technology companies Partech, Fujitsu and Triversity where he contributed significantly to their success in the retail technology marketplace.

With a background of over 25 years in the retail technology industry, Peter leads Glory’s North America business development efforts dedicated to building their brand, as well as identifying and nurturing Glory’s strategic partnerships that enable Glory’s cash automation solutions in the retail space.

Glory is a global leader in cash automation solutions. Glory technology helps optimize the retail

cash chain from the front of the store to the back office through to the bank. By automating the movement of cash, retailers can release their staff to focus on customer service, reduce cash shrinkage and improve operational efficiency.