Nick Belsito

Chief Executive Officer


Nick Belsito is a 2x CEO and industry leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. He spent his early years in the food industry helping to grow his family’s Italian deli and catering company in Worcester, Massachusetts. Nick has experienced many cultures and cuisines through living in different places around the globe, ultimately discovering a common theme: that food and communicating with your target audience in a timely manner, are essential elements to be successful in the hospitality industry. To truly appreciate the “local dining experience,'' Nick's travels inspired him to pursue his passion by helping others connect with such places. And as a result, OpenCity was born to bridge the technological gap by helping restaurants effectively and efficiently communicate with their customers in a timely manner by using a human-centric AI assistant (yes it feels like you’re texting with your friend). His first startup BeeLine, connected amazing restaurants and popular night spots with customers looking for a unique food and entertainment experience, even at a moment’s notice. Prior to the startup life, Nick spent five years at Raytheon Co. focusing on strategic finance, spearheading areas of international growth and managing a $500M acquisition. Nick graduated magna cum laude from Bentley University.