Digital All-Stars


Restaurant Business magazine and the FSTEC conference have teamed up to name the 12 digital all-stars from 2016. Whether it was 140 emojis or a single word, a well-done app or a top-to-bottom initiative, the Restaurant Business/FSTEC award winners represent the best in social media and technology. “These winners show that, no matter the size of your operation, a smart, well-timed idea can have a huge impact—both on your brand and your relationship with customers,” says Group Editor Kelly Killian.

The Restaurant Business/FSTEC Awards are a true collaboration between the magazine and the technology conference by RB’s parent company, Winsight. In order to name the winners, digital posts and programs of the past year were reviewed from nearly 200 of the top national, regional and emerging chains.

Tech Accelerator of the Year Finalists

Recognizing companies that are revolutionizing their business model by using technology that results in operations improvements or an improved guest experience. A winner will be named in three segments: limited service, full service and nontraditional operations.


Tech Accelerator, Limited Service


Tech Accelerator, Full Service


Tech Accelerator, Nontraditional

More 2016 Award Categories

  1. Platform Pioneer: Facebook

    Awarded to the restaurant successfully engaging fans within a Newsfeed overtaken by pop culture and political gossip.

    WINNER: Wingstop ordering via Facebook Messenger

  2. Platform Pioneer: Instagram

    Honoring the brand that has been able to make a tasty splash in platform cluttered with food porn.

    WINNER: Sonic for its square milkshakes LTO

  3. Platform Pioneer: Snapchat

    This award recognizes one of the most creative brands on one of the most popular platforms for young consumers.

    WINNER: Taco Bell for its Fire Eyes filter

  4. Platform Pioneer: Twitter

    This honors the restaurant that best conveys its brand message, attracting new fans and staying authentic in 140 characters or less.

    WINNER: IHOP for National Pancake Day

  5. Platform Pioneer: Tumblr

    This award recognizes a brand that goes beyond mainstream social media to capture fans on new or old technologies in revolutionary ways. (Tumblr, YouTube, Periscope, Vine, etc.)

    WINNER: Denny’s

  6. Social Marketer of the Year

    Chosen from among all of this year’s Platform Pioneers, this award honors the company with the most creative and compelling social media outreach.

    WINNER (large): Denny’s
    WINNER (small): Ben & Jerry’s

  7. Best Team/Superstar

    Their hardware launch, upgrade or integration had enhanced efficiency and eased operations. This team—or individual—made it happen.

    WINNER: Nick Kokonas

  8. Best Franchise Project

    Franchisees are often innovative and responsive with digital tools in a way that franchisors can’t be. This award recognizes their success.

    WINNER: Freshii at 1871