Sunday, September 25

7:00 am–1:30 pm

Sponsor Set-Up

Location: Lone Star Ballroom BC

10:00 am–7:00 pm

Registration & Information Desk

Presented by: Altametrics, PAR

Location: Lone Star Ballroom Foyer

10:00 am–7:00 pm

CARRE Foundation Desk

Presented by: Arby’s Restaurant Group, PAR

Location: Lone Star Ballroom Foyer

Grand prize drawing tickets are available, benefiting Your Grateful Nation, a non-profit organization committed to transitioning Special Forces veterans into their next successful career. Choose to CARRE & donate today!

1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Boot Camps (choose 1 of 5)

Boot Camps deliver strategies meant to strengthen and condition your business.  Learn how different technologies are affecting different departments across various channels.

More Option 1: Reinventing the Restaurant — Applications and Considerations for the Restaurant of the Future

Presented by: Rockbot

Location: San Antonio A

Over the last couple years restaurant operators have been investing in the upgrades to their network infrastructure. Many of those that haven’t yet or are in the process see a growing business case for the upgrades. The applications and considerations that sit on this tech stack 2.0 range from POS to ordering to music and the digital customer experience. In this session we’ll talk about the trends in the market, key application categories, and deployment considerations. We’ll feature case studies from brands that have recently gone through the upgrades and leave time for group discussion between peers.

Garrett Dodge

Co-Founder & CEO

More Option 2: End-to-End PCI Compliance – Stories from the Real World

Presented by: NuArx

Location: San Antonio B

Achieving PCI compliance at every location is a challenge for most brands. If you struggle with getting your stores or franchisees PCI compliant, join our panel discussion featuring IT executives from some of the most respected brands in the QSR industry. Learn how these brands have tackled PCI compliance and gained visibility into all of their locations, giving them peace of mind in knowing the brand is protected from the threat of a credit card data breach.

Adrian Dragomir

Senior Director, Information Technology
Huddle House

Zerrick Pearson

Vice President of Information Technology
Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Mike Pennington

Senior Manager, Technology Integration
Togo’s Eateries

Mark Wayne

Executive Vice President, Sales

Moderator: Mark Wayne, Executive Vice President, Sales, NuArx
More Option 3: Navigating a Perfect Storm: Fully Leveraging Technology for a Business Advantage

Presented by: Hughes | HughesON

Location: Houston A

The restaurant industry is in the midst of a perfect storm. Rising regulatory pressures have made operating a profitable restaurant increasingly difficult (e.g. nutrition labeling, minimum wage, and NLRB joint employment). Technology has become a deeply integral part of the guest experience as dining has gone digital (e.g. mobile, kiosks, and cloud apps). New business models are redefining the way people think about how and where to get their meals. (e.g. delivery, convenience stores, and social media)

Learn how to thrive in the midst of the storm. A panel of seasoned restaurant executives will share their perspective on the changes taking place in the industry and how technology may make a meaningful impact in the business of restaurants.

Douglas Kwong

Digital Director
Cici’s Pizza

Tom Lindblom

Chief Technology Officer
CKE Restaurants, Inc.

Tripp Sessions

Managing Partner

Tim Tang

Director, Enterprise Solutions
Hughes Network Systems, LLC

Moderator: Tim Tang, Director, Enterprise Solutions, Hughes Network Systems, LLC
More Option 4: Utilizing TOOS Platforms: Capitalizing on the Growing Restaurant Aggregator Industry

Presented by: Chowly Inc

Location: Houston B

With the adoption of the on demand market by an overwhelming amount of millennials it was natural to see this trend enter into the restaurant space. With restaurant aggregators here to stay operators must stop fighting this growing market and learn how to capitalize on an industry prime for the taking.

Brian Duncan

Chowly Inc.

More Option 5: The Future of Tip-out: Digitizing Tip Calculations & Disbursement

Presented by: NetSpend, a TSYS® Company

Location: Houston C

Digital tip-out solutions are the future, and the days of employees leaving with pockets full of cash are dwindling. From time-intensive processes to safety concerns to reporting and money management issues, employers and employees alike experience a variety of pain points with traditional tip-out processes. In this session, attendees will hear a first-hand account of one business’ tip-out concerns, how the digital tip-out program improved their tip-out process and learned best practices for implementation.

Matt Wilber

The Barteca Restaurant Group

2:00 pm–7:00 pm

Technology Showcase

Location: Lone Star Ballroom BC

FSTEC’s highly anticipated Technology Showcase is the ultimate opportunity for operators to explore solutions that the industry’s top supplier partners have to offer. This is your time to specifically address and collaboratively tackle challenges facing your foodservice operations. Keep your business ahead of the tech curve!

2:45 pm–5:15 pm

Opening General Session

Location: Lone Star Ballroom A

More How Personality Matters: Personal and Professional Implications

Presented by: Altametrics

Are you hardwired for happiness, or born to brood? Do you think you’re in charge of your future, or do you surf the waves of unknowable fate? Would you be happier, or just less socially adept, if you were less concerned about what other people thought of you? And what about your “Type A” spouse: is he or she destined to have a heart attack, or just drive you to drink?

In this wise and witty talk, Brian Little explores questions that are rooted in the origins of human consciousness but are as commonplace as yesterday’s breakfast conversation, such as whether our personality traits are “set” by age thirty or whether our brains and selves are more plastic. He considers what our personalities portend for our health and success, and the extent to which our well-being depends on the personal projects we pursue. Little provides a lively, thought-provoking, and ultimately optimistic look at the possibilities and perils of being uniquely ourselves, while illuminating the selves of the familiar strangers we encounter, work with, and love.

Brian Little, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scholar, Department of Psychology
Cambridge University

More Never Quit: The Story of a Life Built on Successful Missions

Presented by: HyperActive Technologies, an Acrelec Company

Your Grateful Nation (YGN) is a non-profit organization committed to transitioning Special Operations veterans into their next successful career. YGN believes these extraordinary individuals with incredible skills and experience will have an immediate impact on the companies they join. And there’s no one who better understands the challenges of integrating a high-risk, high-performing calling into a successful civilian livelihood than Robert O’Neill, the founder of YGN and one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time. A Navy SEAL Team Six leader of some 400 combat missions, Rob O’Neill’s adrenaline-charged message will inspire you, too, as FSTEC salutes and supports Your Grateful Nation, the CARRE Foundation spotlighted charity.

Robert O’Neill

Team Leader
Naval Special Warfare Development Group

CARRE Foundation Presentation

Presented by: Arby’s Restaurant Group, PAR, Your Grateful Nation

Paul Brown

Arby’s Restaurant Group

Rob Clapper

Executive Director
Your Grateful Nation

Kevin Jaskolka

Vice President, Marketing

More FSTEC Leadership Panel

Presented by: PAR

It is impossible to find an area of operations today that is not innovation-inspired, impacted, enabled or managed without technology embedded and a critical part of the equation. The C-Suite of today finds its leadership very involved and driving the technology adoption within individual functional areas in an integrated manner across the enterprise. There are no longer “silos” of technology and this panel delves into the thought process of the C-Leadership Team in meeting their organizations requirements for today and in the future as it impacts the stakeholders of owners, employees, customers and their suppliers while keeping the company moving forward as an innovative competitor and foodservice leader.

Adam Garner

Vice President, Operations
Which Wich Superior Sandwiches®

Trish Giordano

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Earl Enterprises

Rob Grimes

Founder & CEO
ConStrata Technology Consulting

Frank Liberio

Senior Vice President, Global CIO
McDonald’s Corporation

Mike Lubitz

My Fit Foods

Rob Palleschi

President & CEO
TGI Fridays™

Moderator: Rob Grimes, Founder & CEO, ConStrata Technology Consulting
5:15 pm–7:00 pm

Welcome Reception

Presented by: Oracle Hospitality

Location: Technology Showcase

As you settle in and gear up for a great conference, plan to join FSTEC at tonight’s Technology Showcase and be one of the first to check out every booth in action. Discover some of the industry’s latest innovations, mingle with peers and help us kick off FSTEC 2016 in style with an exciting Welcome Reception complete with food, drinks and great conversation!

5:30 pm–6:30 pm
Brian Little Meet & Greet and Book Personalization

Presented by: Altametrics

Location: Technology Showcase (Altametrics Display)

Brian Little, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scholar, Department of Psychology
Cambridge University

5:30 pm–6:30 pm
Robert O’Neill Meet & Greet and Photo Line

Presented by: HyperActive Technologies, an Acrelec Company

Location: Technology Showcase (HyperActive Technologies, an Acrelec Company Display)

Robert O’Neill

Team Leader
Naval Special Warfare Development Group

7:00 pm

Dinner on Your Own

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